Solar Panel Cleaning continues to attract high demand in both Geelong and Melbourne. Squeaky Clean Solar is proud to be a leader and specialist in this field. We provide a truly streamlined service. Squeaky Clean Solar’s solutions and services are market leading. Our Solar Panel Cleaning is backed by proven expertise and top industry innovation.

When engaging a solar cleaning service, be sure to ask if part of their cleaning process includes the flushing out of black mould from under the frames and around the seals. If the answer is no, you are not receiving a thorough clean. Dirt and Grime won’t destroy seals, but black mould will. This is the most important part of the cleaning process. 

We clean – Baked on Dirt – Bird Droppings – Mould – Mildew – Lichen – Moss – Bacteria – Tree Sap – Road Grime – Sea Salt.

Dirty panels block the amount of sunlight that reaches the photovoltaic cells, reducing the energy output of the system.

No Chemicals – Eco Friendly – Rain Water Tank Safe

Our passion is helping our environmentally savvy customers understand and optimise their solar system, together with an affordable inspection and cleaning service.

OH&S Certified – Work at Heights Certified (As required by WorkSafe)

Unfortunately, most solar owners are unaware of the servicing requirements and many solar systems are not operating at their maximum efficiency.

Have you checked your Solar Panel Warranty?

Most Solar Panel manufacturers include regular cleaning as a requirement under the warranty. The most common period recommended is 12 months.



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