At Squeaky Clean Solar, we offer specialist cleaning of Solar Panels, in Geelong, Melbourne and the surrounding districts. Our goal is to provide a professional and cost effective service for all of our customers.

Dirty glass does not allow as much light through as clean glass. If the glass is not clean your system is not able to work at its maximum. The design of Solar Panels allows mould to grow under the frame (mainly on the bottom), where the seal is located. If mould is left for too long, it can penetrate the seal allowing water in, ruining the panel. Yearly cleaning gets rid of mould before it has time to do any damage.

Solar Panels sit on your roof and bare the brunt of the elements. In summer panels reach temperatures in excess of 50 c. The materials get baked on like concrete. Using a manual technique by rubbing under these conditions, would be the equivalent of using a scouring pad on a glass table top. The harder the material is to get off, the harder you would push, grinding the baked on grit backwards and forwards over the glass. The only result this can lead to over time is scratching the glass, deflecting light away. This is exactly what you don’t want!

This is why we take a common sense approach to cleaning Solar Panels. Use a proven method that cannot damage or scratch panels and also clears away mould. Our cleaning head has no moving parts that touch the panel surface and flushes the mould away from around the seals.

Solar Panels are a great invention. They help the environment and save you money on your power bills, but they are a working device, and need some help to maintain their performance and to stand the test of time. After all, no one wants to pay for panels again!

We provide a professional Solar Panel Cleaning service. We visually check the system before cleaning. We provide a detailed before and after report. We want our customers to not only get a return out of their investment, but have their system last 25 years and beyond.

Our passion as Solar owners ourselves, is helping our environmentally savvy customers with an affordable Solar Panel Cleaning service.