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How often should you clean solar panels?

Every 12 months. This doesn’t allow the build up of materials to affect performance and doesn’t allow black mould enough time to damage seals.

Is there a right time of year to clean panels?

Not really. If they are cleaned regularly, it won’t make any difference.

Can Solar Panels be self-cleaning?

We think common sense says NO!

How much power generation can you lose?

Anywhere between 10% to 30% normally, but in some cases, it can be a lot more (see picture gallery)

What is the worst problem with Solar Panels?

Black mould it can ruin your seals. To replace one panel is over $1000 .The biggest problem with this is once one goes the other’s will also over the next few years. 

Why don't you use chemicals?

Chemicals can leave a thin film over panels, blocking light. Chemicals can damage seals and of course harm the environment. Even something as simple as vinegar can be damaging. Vinegar reacts with aluminium and will corrode it. You really need to understand the properties of Solar Panels.

Why we use the system we do to clean Solar Panels?

It has been designed and modified for the cleaning of Solar Panels. We don’t believe rubbing baked on materials over your panels is the correct method.

Does a self coating, self cleaning system work?

The first problem we see with it is, it leaves a thin film over panels, which is the last thing you want, and anything self cleaning is a good gimmick.

Is cleaning part of the warranty?

Yes. Usually you will find a section that relates to regular cleaning and maintenance, with cleaning being every 3, 6 to 12 months. We feel with our system, 12 months is sufficient for most people.

Why don't we use window cleaning equipment?

Simply, Solar Panels are not windows. Windows sit vertically on the side of a house and are protected. Solar Panels are on your roof, pitched on a slight angle and are at the mercy of the elements, reaching temperatures in excess of 50°C+ in summer. Rubbing over the surface under these conditions could lead to scratching and probably not clean off the baked on materials. We don’t take the risk.

Are all panels the same?

No some are glass and some are polycarbonate.

Are we insured?

Yes we have full liability insurance exclusively for solar panel cleaning.

Are we trained for working on roofs?

Yes we are OH&S accredited as well as working at heights certified. We also have all safety equipment where required.

Do you clean for any solar panel companies?

Yes we do.

Do you check the system before cleaning.?

Yes we do. We have a detailed check list..

Do you perform an anti-islanding test?

Yes if required.

Does your service satisfy Powercor requirements?

Yes it does.


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